Instructions to Install the Mobile App in your Smartphone

 1.Open Safari web browser
 2.Go to
 3.Press the  icon in the footer   4.From the drop-down menu  select  "Add to home screen"
5.From the "Add to Home" page click  "Add" in Upper right corner


1.Go to
2.Bookmark the webpage
3.In the home-screen, press and-hold   in empty space and the “Add to Home Screen” menu will appear First select  “Shortcuts” and then “Bookmark”
4.Choose Caribe Cafe bookmark


1.Go to
2.Touch the button and from the  dropdown menu select ‘Add to Home Screen’
3.If you desire to change the name of the home-screen bookmark type a new name
4.You can additionally change where the shortcut will appear in the ‘Location’ field
5.For adding the shortcut to the Favorites panel, select ‘Mark as Favorite’ checkbox
6.Finally click on ‘Add’

Windows Mobile

1.Go to
2.Tap your finger on the three Dots that appear at the bottom right corner of your phone and drag it up to view the options menu